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A trebles voice

A trebles voice - Cover
Verpackung: Jewelcase
Cover - 2014 Les Petits Chaneurs de Saint Dominique

2014 Les petits Chanteurs de Saint Dominique




Label Code:
Label Nummer: PC2014
Künstler: Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint Dominique


Erstveröffentlichung: 2014

Genre: Repertoire CD
Signatur: E0616
Aufnahmeort 1: Sacré-Ceur de Versailles

1 Exsultate justi - Viadana
2 Once in royal David's city
3 Venez, venez, pâtre et bergère
4 Entre le bœuf et l'âne gris
5 Il est né le divin enfant
6 Minuit chrétiens
7 Pastores loquebantur
8 Les anges dans nos campagne
9 Prostemez-vous
10 Bénis le Seigneur
11 Nous t'adorons
12 Lord I want
13 Ô viva caro - Psautier anglais
14 Jesu dulcis memoria - Victoria
15 Locus iste - Bmckner
16 Ave Maria - Caccin
17 Cantique de Jean Racine - Fauré
18 Dextera Domini - Franck
19 Halleluja - Haendel
Verpackung: Jewelcase
Cover - 6. Litany to the Holy Spirit

My Eyes for Beauty Pine




Barcode: 888295168748
Label Code:
Label Nummer:
Künstler: Capella Regalis
Chormitglieder: Gabriel O'Brien


Erschienen:  2014

Genre: Repertoire CD
Signatur: E0609
Aufnahmeort 1: Cathedral Church of All Saints, Halifax


1. My Eyes for Beauty Pine
2. Magnificat
3. Nunc Dimittis
4. Wash Me Throughly
5. Let All the World in Every Corner Sing
6. Litany to the Holy Spirit

Verpackung: Digisleeve
Cover - IVAN the terrible

IVAN the terrible




Barcode: 888430289420
Label Code:
Label Nummer: LC06868
Label: Sony Classical
Künstler: Staats- und Domchor Berlin


Orchester: Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
Erschienen: 2014
Erstveröffentlichung: 2013

Genre: Filmmusik
Signatur: E0606
Aufnahmeort 1: Großer Saal der Philharmonie, Berlin

01 Staats- Und Domchor Berlin, Rundfunkchor Berlin, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin Ivan the Terrible, Op. 116    
02 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev Marsch of the Young Ivan 1:51  
03 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev Ocean - Sea 2:35  
04 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev I Will Be Tsar! 0:47  
05 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev God Is the Holiest! 0:56  
06 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev Many Years! 2:24  
07 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev The Holy Fool 2:16  
08 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev The Swan 5:34  
09 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev On the Bones of the Enemy 1:11  
10 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev The Tartars 0:58  
11 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev The Cannoneers 2:31  
12 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev To Kazan! 10:28  
13 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev Ivan Emplores the Boyars 7:35  
14 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev Efrosinia and Anastasia 4:33  
15 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev Song of the Beaver 3:34  
16 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev Iwan at Anastasia's Tomb 1:56  
17 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev Chorus of the Oprichniki 6:18  
18 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev Song of Fyodor Bassmanov 2:10  
19 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev Dance of the Oprichniki 2:16  
20 Dso Berlin, Tugan Sokhiev Finale 5:22  
Verpackung: Jewelcase
Christmas in Harvard Square - Cover

Christmas in Harvard Square




Barcode: 028948110759
Label Code:
Label Nummer: RCD30129
Label: DECCA
Künstler: The Boys of St. Pauls Choir School


Erschienen: 2014

Genre: Weihnachtsmusik
Signatur: C0107

  1. O Come, All Ye Faithful
  2. O Magnum Mysterium
  3. Once in Royal David’s City
  4. Omnes De Saba Venient
  5. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  6. Jesus Christ the Apple Tree
  7. Mater Ora Filium
  8. The Little Road to Bethlehem
  9. The Infant King
  10. In the Bleak Midwinter
  11. Sing of a Maiden
  12. Puer Natus Est
  13. Ding Dong Merrily on High
  14. A Maiden Most Gentle
  15. Still, Still, Still
  16. Dominus Dixit
  17. Angels We Have Heard on High
  18. Angelus Ad Virginem
  19. There is No Rose
Verpackung: Jewelcase

Two Boys




Barcode: 075597956023
Label Code:
Solisten: Andrew Pulver
Komponist:  Nico Muhly
Erschienen: 2014
Ort: New York
Genre: Oper
Signatur: E0113
Aufnahmeort 1: New York


CD 1
01 Prologue & Scene 1 (Alley/Police Station): Help! Help! My friend has been stabbed! 4:05
02 Scene 2 (Hospital): You understand your son had no pulse... 3:18
03 Scene 3 (Police Station): Brian? I'm detective Sargeant Strawson 2:13
04 Scene 4 (Brian's Bedroom): Chorus: U there? / Who is this? 5:41
05 Scene 5 (Police Station): I'm not! / Brian. There are witnesses 0:56
06 Scene 6 (Brian's Bedroom): Brian?... Church in ten minutes... Chorus: How are u? 9:14
07 Scene 7 (Church): Amen... O Lord, open thou our lips 3:42
08 Scene 8 (Brian's House): Has Brian been in trouble before? 4:05
09 Scene 9 (Police Station): Copy of the security tape from the shopping centre 0:58
10 Scene 10 (Anne's Flat): You should see this boy they've stuck me with 6:53
11 Scene 11 (Police Station): No one else goes in or out... You stabbed him 3:41
12 Scene 12 (Brian's Bedroom): Brian...You don't know me... Chorus: Can't stop talking 8:11
13 Scene 13 (Hallway): "That's for damn sure" 4:13
14 Scene 14 (Interview Room/Brian's Room): You searched for Rebecca... 3:24
15 Scene 15 (Hospital): Mrs. Wilson? / I know he hears us 1:35
16 Scene 16 (Police Station): The transcripts from the server 2:45
CD 2
01 Scene 1 (Police Station): Even senseless crimes make sense 4:26
02 Scene 2 (Police Station): Told you. You think I'm smart enough... Chorus: [Grocery items] 1:58
03 Scene 3 (Brian's Bedroom): It had to be done... I'm sure you understand 4:59
04 Scene 3 (Brian's Bedroom): I have to see you! / Ur in danger 2:05
05 Scene 3 (Brian's Bedroom): Trick or treat! 3:06
06 Scene 3 (Brian's Bedroom): Hey... I knew you wouldn't believe 2:53
07 Scene 3 (Brian's Bedroom): Chorus: I saw u in algebra... 3:44
08 Scene 4 (Police Station): Did you have sex? 1:25
09 Scene 5 (Brian's Bedroom): Brian... I have a proposition 1:35
10 Scene 6 (Police Station): You refused / He was my friend! 0:53
11 Scene 7 (Anne's Flat) & Scene 8 (Police Station): Mother!... Are you all right? 4:13
12 Scene 9 (Brian's Bedroom): What's up? / U updated your photo 1:32
13 Scene 10 (Police Station): You taking the piss? / Maybe not 1:29
14 Scene 11 (Brian's Bedroom): If I'm not at the doctor 4:49
15 Scene 12 (Alley): Do what I say / Okay 2:32
16 Scene 13 (Police Station): Thank you, Brian. Do you understand what's happened to you? 1:15
17 Scene 14 (Hospital): Detective, this is my daughter, Rebecca... Chorus: Kill urself 1:37
18 Scene 14 cont'd (Police Station): And there they are-Rebecca. Fiona. Peter... 6:53

Verpackung: Digisleeve


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Verpackung: Jewelcase

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